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Pentecost Awakening
Redigging the Wells of Revival
3 Days of Extraordinary Revelation, Activation, Impartation, and Worship
June 7-9, 2022
When the Day of Pentecost had fully come, they were all with one accord in one place. And SUDDENLY there came a sound from heaven, as of a rushing mighty wind, and it filled the whole house where they were sitting. (Acts 2:1-2)
Prophetic word regarding "Redigging the Wells" by Glenisaah Stauffer
Hosted by Empower 2000
Register to Participate Virtually
This event is being hosted both in-person and virtually.
However, the small in-person gathering is by invitation only. 
Speakers include: 
  • Dr. John and Nancy Burpee (Destiny Churches and Ministries International)
  • ​​Lois Koss (Tree of Life Ministries International)
  • ​Glenisaah Stauffer (KingdomHeir Embassy Group)
  • ​​Craig and Jan Hill (Family Foundations International)
  • ​​Dr. Sandie and Mickey Freed (Sandie Freed Ministries)
  • ​Cheryl Townsley (Lifestyle for Health)
  • ​​Mickey and Barbara Robinson (Prophetic Destiny International)
  • ​Dr. Sandra Steen (Sandra Steen Consulting)
  • ​​Bret Wade (Fresh Vision)
  • ​Michael-John Toste (The Prophetic Matrix)
  • ​Pam Gould (Cornerstone Inn)
  • ​Ella Chirinos (Ibex Ascending)
  • ​Anne and Hannie Baker (Rainbow Ministries)
  • ​Bonnie Lathom Lyon (Roll Away the Stone)
  • ​Mary Shoda
  • ​Missy and Ella Simms
  • ​Shelli Miller (​Emcee)
  • ​Dr. Joseph Peck (Empower 2000)
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To make a wise decision about this opportunity of a lifetime, follow these 3 simple steps:
  • ​Ask the Lord, "Father, is this Awakening something you desire for me participate in?" 
  • ​If He says "Yes", then ask "Am I to come in person or participate virtually?"
  • ​Do what He says!
    More than anything else, God demands our obedience. Obedience leads to blessings by God (Deuteronomy 28)
To make a wise decision about this opportunity of a lifetime, follow these 5 simple steps:
  • Scroll to the bottom and watch the short video "Before you set your goals for  2020..."
  • ​Carefully review this entire web page.
  • ​Watch the 8 Testimonial videos below. 
  • ​Ask the Lord, "Father, is the Legacy Dream Team something you desire for me to do in this season?"
  • ​Do what He says!
Dr. Joseph Peck
Read This Before Going Any Further!
From the Desk of Joseph Peck, M.D.
Culpeper, Virginia - cradle of religious freedom for the world
We are hearing a lot of people talk about the Great Awakening. God is stirring up something huge and to partner with Him we must seek His agenda, not ours.

In the book of Genesis, we learn that when Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob dugs wells, someone came by later to stop up the well or argue about the well.

But all of a sudden that there was a day when they dug the well, and it was final. And I just sense that there is something about this Awakening—that in this global move of God, He is stirring up His people and digging something special in every single nation. 

First of all, God is stirring up the well of the Holy Spirit in us because it starts in us. This is where the revival starts. This is where the well starts. He has to do it in you before He can do it through you because you are the revival.

Psalm 24:7 says, "Lift up your heads, O you gates! And be lifted up, you everlasting doors! And the King of glory shall come in." To come in where? To come in through you. You are the gates, you are the wells.

There is something that we as the people of God need to connect with—what the Spirit of God is saying in this time.

Let us cry out to God and say, "God, will you awaken the well in me— those areas that might be stopped up in my life, preventing the well from flowing fully, because of circumstances or things that I've experienced in the past?"

Keep digging because God is about to gush through you in ways that you have been anticipating and crying out for in every area of your life—in your family, in your business, in your ministry, or wherever you need a breakthrough.

The well is springing up within you to break forth and as it does so, you will break forth into song. You will start singing when the water comes up. 

As the wells start to gush forth through an awakening, people who have been struggling in life for so long are going to meet Yeshua at the well, just like the Samaritan woman did.

People are coming to the well thirsty. And as you and others give them living water, revival and reformation will break forth. 
When you DREAM Big with God, He will:
  • Unfold His magnificent plan for your life
  • Have YOU see something you have never seen before
  • ​Awaken YOU to the opportunity to become something more than what you are right now
  • Open a path and place of NEW POSSIBILITIES
If you are ready to ...
  • Be refreshed as you redig the wells of revival in your own heart 
  • Meet thirsty people at the well to give them drinks of living water
  • ​Connect with other "well diggers"
    ... then we invite you to participate in the...
    Pentecost Awakening 2022
    THE Pentecost AWAKENING
    Redigging the Wells
    3 Days of Extraordinary Revelation, Activation, Impartation, and Worship
    June 7-9, 2022
    Taking place both In-Person and Virtually
    However, the in-person gathering is invitation-only
    Our team is super excited about hosting the upcoming Pentecost Awakening conference. With so much darkness covering the earth, a great Awakening is our only HOPE to bring Godly order to our families, businesses, communities, and nations. 
    We believe this event will be life-changing and life-giving for everyone who participates.

    This Pentecost Awakening will ignite vision, solidify strategic relationships, and shift paradigms. 
    Beckah Shae - Heartbeat (Official Video)
    Many who participate in this conference will find themselves making a shift and upgrading to the next level that the Holy Spirit has for them.  Hopefully, that will include you! 
    In-person registration includes 3 catered breakfasts, 3 lunches, 2 dinners, and 8 sessions of revelatory teaching, worship, and activation. Plus, strategic opportunities to fellowship with other participants and partners.
    • Early registration (in-person): $200 (special rate expires October 4)
    • ​Regular registration (in-person): $300 (October 5-31)
    • ​Late registration (in-person): $500 (November 1-28)
    • ​Very Late registration (in-person): $1,200 (November 29 or later)
    Virtual registration includes professional live stream video of 8 sessions, virtual breakout rooms with E2000 facilitators, and lifetime access to session replays.
    • Early registration (virtual): $50 (special rate expires October 4)
    • ​Regular registration (virtual): $100 (October 5-31)
    • ​Late registration (virtual): $150 (November 1-28)
    • ​Very Late registration (virtual): $200 (November 29 or later)
    WHAT YOU GET (Virtual Registration) 
    • Professional live stream video of 6 sessions
    • ​Virtual breakout rooms with E2000 facilitators
    • ​Lifetime access to session replays
    • ​​And more
    • ​Regular registration (virtual): $150 (June 2-4)
    • ​Late registration (virtual): $200 (June 5 and later)
    Venue Location
    (for in-person attendees and LIVE broadcast)
    Cornerstone Inn
    54 E. Franklin Street, Nashville, IN 47448
    The in-person gathering is taking place at the Cornerstone Inn. However, because of the small venue, the in-person event is by invitation only. 
    The Cornerstone Inn is a HUB for the Third Great Awakening and an AWAY-SIS—a place for rest, reflection, revelation, and renewal.
    Cornerstone Inn main building
    Cornerstone Inn Goshen 4
    Cornerstone Inn dining area
    by Glenisaah Stauffer
    The Awakening will:
    • Wake you up from COMPLACENCY
    • ​Activate Courage, Conviction, and Confidence
    • ​Bring divine ORDER to your life, relationships, and work
    • Stitch up the places where the threads became loose
    • ​Remove the fluff and spiritual bling
    • ​Bring you back to the place of true worship
    The Pentecost Awakening is an exciting, powerful Spirit-led  gathering taking place on June 7-9, 2022. Our theme is Redigging the Wells.
    There are 6 main sessions over three days with two sessions each day. 

    On each of the 3 days, the first session starts at 10 am Eastern and the second at 7 pm Eastern. We are intentionally leaving gaps in the schedule to allow participants time to rest and process what the LORD is showing them personally.
    Each of the 6 main sessions will last about 2.5 hours and consist of:
    • Music worship (15-20 minutes) 
    • 3-4 short presentations by various speakers (each 10-20 minutes long)
    • ​​Small group breakout rooms or prayer activation (25-30 minutes)
    • ​Feedback from small group facilitators (15-20  minutes)
    • ​Wrap up (10 minutes)
    Pentecost Awakening 2022
    The round table (small group) discussions provide a dynamic, interactive element that is vital to the life and light of each truth presented. This broadens our perspectives as we pass around the melody played on each of us, like musical instruments in an orchestra. 
    The 6 Main Sessions
    • Session 1: Tuesday June 7, 10 am Eastern
    • Glenisaah Stauffer: Experiencing Tabernacle Prayer
    • ​Session 2: Tuesday, June 7, 7 pm Eastern
    • Ella Chirinos: Purity: The Well of Magnificence
    • ​John Burpee: Tapping into Your Well
    • ​Lois Koss: We Are the Wells
    • ​Pam Gould: Releasing Dreams
    • ​Session 3: Wednesday, June 8, 10 am Eastern
    • Hannie Baker: The significance of Pentecost
    • ​Anne Baker:  God's Creative Wells of Shavuot
    • ​Barbara Nelson: Wells Overcome Dirt
    • ​Missy and Ella Simms: The Well that Never Runs Dry
    • ​​Bonnie Latham Lyon: Revelations from Daily Prayer Calls in the Spirit
    •  Session 4: Wednesday, June 8, 7 pm Eastern
    • Craig Hill: Awaken to God's Ancient Path
    • ​Dr. Sandra Steen: First Love Reset
    • ​Bret Wade: Coming into a Deep, Constant Awareness of Christ
    • ​Michael-John Toste: Raising Up A New Breed of Champions to Shape the Course of History
    • ​Session 5: Thursday, June 9, 10 am Eastern 
    • ​Glenn Bleakney: When God Says Time Out
    • ​Cheryl Townsley: 3 Powerful Questions to Unlock Wisdom 
    • ​Mickey and Barbara Robinson
    • ​Session 6: Thursday, June 9, 7 pm Eastern
    • ​Empowering You Workshop to bless you, your calling, the E0000 family, and the E2000 network
    Awakening registrants will receive LIFETIME ACCESS to video and audio recordings for all 6 main sessions on the Teachable member site. 
    Featured Speakers
    This event is not about the speakers or even their messages, but rather creating an environment for Holy Spirit to move in POWER to Redig the Wells of Revival and Awakening within each us. Expect an extraordinary move of God in your heart!!!
    Dr. Francis Myles
    Dr. Francis Myles is a multi-gifted international motivational speaker, best-selling author, business consultant and apostle to the nations. He is the founder of Francis Myles International and a sought-after conference speaker in both ministerial and marketplace seminars. He is also a savvy businessman and spiritual life coach to movers and shakers in the Marketplace and bestselling author of Issuing Divine Restraining Orders from the Courts of Heaven, The Order of Melchizedek, and The Joseph of Arimathea Calling books that have garnered worldwide acclaim. He is the founding chairman of Marketplace Bible International and the creator of the worlds’ first digital Marketplace Bible.
    Dr. John Burpee
    Dr. John Burpee is the founder of John Burpee Ministries and Destiny Churches and Ministries International. He is a compelling speaker who loves empowering people to experience the supernatural and achieve the fullness of God’s destiny for their lives. A successful visionary and a strategist, John is a leadership expert who moves confidently in the supernatural. Without flash or hype, he not only declares God’s Word, but he also demonstrates God’s power through miracles, signs, and wonders. John lives with his family in Little Elm, TX.
    Lois Koss is the founder of Tree of Life Ministries International and a long-time leader with Aglow International. She has a passion to help others fulfill their destinies. She has a deep desire to see people come into their full potential in Jesus, be set free, healed and strengthened so they might be doers of the Word and not only hearers – as the Bible says.
    Lois Koss
    Glenisaah Stauffer
    Dr. Glenisaah Stauffer is a high-ranking general in God's army called to be a prophet to the nations.  She does nothing until she has prayed and consulted with her Kingdom CEO—It is FIRST PLACE! She is the Founder of The KingdomHeir Embassy Group. She brings Kingdom ID—Godly imaging by a deep spiritual forensic personal make-over in the marketplace to empower Kingdom-minded women, who are business leaders and entrepreneurs. Glenisaah is also the Founder of The F.O.R.G.E TNT (“Fires of Reformation Governmental Embassy —Transforming Nations Together").
    Craig Hill and his wife Jan are the founders of Family Foundations International (FFI), a Christian ministry dedicated to helping individuals, couples, and families become people of influence and build a godly heritage for multiple generations by restoring biblical foundations of marriage, family, and finance.

    Craig has trained permanent FFI ministry teams in more than 50 nations around the world, conducting over 2,500 marriage and family blessing weekend experiences each year.

    Craig has written 15 books, hosted his own weekly television broadcast, been a featured guest on Sid Roth’s It’s Supernatural TV broadcast, and created six different life-transforming weekend experiences. He is recognized as a leading expert on the topics of marriage, generational blessing, and biblical financial management.
    Craig and Jan Hill
    Sandie Freed
    Dr. Sandie Freed is an apostolic-prophetic leader, author of more than 14 books, and international minister. Sandie’s gift is setting the captives free. She is founder of the Freedom Revolution. Sandie and her husband Mickey co-pastor Lifegate Church in Texas. Sandie has a genuine love for the Lord and teaching and equipping the saints. She has a heart for helping people fulfill divine purpose and destiny. She is a gifted coach and often utilizes prophetic ministry and prayer to empower individuals toward change. Sandie is also a gifted businesswoman and has keen insight as to how to help you move forward with business and in spiritual life.
    Glenn Bleakney
    Missy & Ella Simms are from Parker City, IN and is the Wife of Aaron Simms, who is Pastor of Parker City Christ Fellowship. They have three children whose names are Elijah, Ella, and Elena and a puppy dog named Henry. They have lived in Parker City for almost 7 years and love being in ministry. Missy loves to worship Jesus through music and her philosophy in life is “Love God and love people”. Ella is 13 years old and is going into the 8th grade. She participated in her first musical this last year and played the role of Mrs. Potts in “Beauty and the Beast”. She was the president of student council this last year as well. She loves art, music, instruments, theater, baking, photography, being apart of her youth group, and going to church camp each summer. She loves Jesus with all of her heart and longs to be used for him every day. 
    Michael-John Toste is an International Destiny Coach with over two decades of experience advising professionals, including athletes, celebrities, executives, and visionaries, on their journey to fulfill their destiny. Throughout his musical career he has worked alongside legendary recording artists, achieved two Billboard Top-100 hits, with performances internationally broadcast via television and radio to over 35 million viewers. Michael-John's popular radio show, "Your Day of Destiny," provides unconventional insight to successfully navigate through these challenging times. 
    Bonnie Lathom Lyon
    Bret Wade
    Bret Wade is the founder of Fresh Vision Ministries in Huntsville, Alabama. He is a thought leader, strategist, and entrepreneur with over three decades of ministry experience. In recent years, he’s transitioned from pastoral ministry into Fresh Vision Consulting with writing, coaching, consulting, and speaking based on his life’s messages. Bret focuses his training on developing God’s Voice, Vision, and Visionary lifestyle. His insightful and humorous approach opens perception, triggering awakening and transformation. He’s an avid observer, researcher, and contemplative man of prayer with a passion for cooking, traveling, new adventures, people, and cultures.
    Cheryl Townsley knows first-hand what it is like to lose her health, finances, and business and be one step from losing her life. That “moment of truth” shattered her perception of being invincible. Academia and corporate success faded into the background as she diligently sought to restore her health. That journey led to the creation of Lifestyle for Health (1990), authoring 17 books, and over 1,000 television and radio shows, plus working with tens of thousands of clients from around the world through the Lifestyle for Health Wellness Clinic.
    Cheryl Townsley
    Dr. Sandra Steen
    Dr. Sandra Steen is an energetic and exciting woman of God with a powerful creative, prophetic, and modern day apostolic gift. She is an anointed communicator to diverse audiences of all backgrounds. Sandra is the founder and president of Sandra Steen Consulting LLC, an international speaking, training, consulting firm. She is a graduate of Southern Methodist University with many years of corporate experience and numerous certifications. She is an international Communication and Leadership expert and a Certified Professional Coach working with Executive Business Leaders worldwide.
    Bonnie Latham Lyon worked for years in public education and trauma counseling. She has led various Bible studies and prayer groups and loves hearing the sound of God's voice as He speaks through His creation. Bonnie joined the Empower 2000 team in March 2021. One of her favorite things at E2000 is to take part in the daily prayer call.
    Bonnie Lathom Lyon
    Jim and Mary Baker
    Jim Baker and his wife Mary are the senior leaders of Zion Christian Fellowship in Powell & Pickerington, Ohio. The church is marked by worship, a strong presence of God, healings, miracles, several dead raisings and a passion for personal and regional transformation. Jim is known for his humor and revelatory teaching. 

    He has a passion to see people transformed and equipped to supernaturally demonstrate God’s Kingdom in their sphere of influence. He wrote How Heaven Invades Your Finances, compiled The Jesus School of Healing and co-authored Help! I Am a Pastor with Steve Backlund. He is the founder of which explores wealth building for world changers.
    1. Can my spouse or immediate family member also participate if I pay to register? 

    Yes, at no extra cost. This is an opportunity for God to bless your family. 
    2. How can I contact the event organizer with any questions?

    For event-related matters, email

    3. What is the refund policy? 

    Registration fees are non-refundable. 

    4. Is my registration fee or ticket transferable? 

    Yes, if you find someone to transfer your registration to. You are responsible for working out all the details. Be sure to email to let us know the new name for the person taking your place. 
    YES, I desire to awaken my spirit and bless others do likewise!
    I believe God is behind this and it's time!!!
    The Pentecost Awakening is an exciting, powerful, Spirit-led gathering taking place on June 7-9, 2022. This will be a HISTORIC EVENT. 

    We are hosting both an in-person gathering in Nashville, Indiana and a live virtual broadcast. The in-person gathering is by invitation-only. Both in-person and virtual registrants will receive lifetime access to the replays. 

    Click the play button to hear Dr. Francis Myles' message about Provision and Supply

    Register to Participate Virtually
    To receive the EARLY BIRD SPECIAL PRICE of $100 (for virtual participation), please sign up by June 1, 2022. The price increases to $150 on June 2 and $200 on June 5.
    All payments are processed using a secure server.
    To receive the REGULAR REGISTRATION PRICE of $150 (for virtual participation), please sign up by June 4, 2022. After that the price increases to $200.
    All payments are processed using a secure server.
    To receive the LATE REGISTRATION PRICE of $200 (for virtual participation), please sign up by June 7, 2022. 
    All payments are processed using a secure server.
    Blessings to be fully awakened to shine brightly!


    Joseph Peck, M.D. 
    Founder and President of Empower 2000
    Dr. Joseph Peck
    Dr. Joseph Peck, aka THE Time Doctor, The Journal Guy, and The Connector, is a physician, author, international speaker, creative marketing and communication strategist, and dream coach. His passion is creating a movement Empowering Dreams of millions of people globally through coaching, journaling, and life-changing webinars. His gift is connecting people, ideas, and resources in Christ for creative miracles.

    As a revolutionary coach, breakthrough strategist, and global thought leader for life-changing webinars, Dr. Peck is a CATALYST for transforming people, organizations, and communities.
    Dr. Francis Myles
    The Lord is making Empower 2000 the premier discipleship ministry (movement) of the last days!!!

    Disciple, Disciple, Disciple!!!
    This will lead to the harvesting of nations!
    Prophetic word released on Oct 7, 2021
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